Community Exploration

Important questions about circumcision have gone virtually unasked.

How many Jewish Americans are abstaining from circumcision? How many Jewish babies have a traditional bris versus being circumcised in the hospital without a ceremony? How many Jews who choose to circumcise do so for strictly religious reasons? For parents who opt out, how often do they choose an alternative (brit shalom) ceremony? What do the grandparents really think? These and other important questions have gone virtually unasked. Bruchim wants to know!

Part of Bruchim’s mission is to facilitate and conduct ongoing community exploration about what is undoubtedly the most widely followed Jewish practice.

Investigation into contemporary Jewish feelings and practices vis-a-vis circumcision is one of Bruchim’s long term goals. For our first venture into community exploration, we’re learning more about people who who identify as Jewish and don’t practice or support the circumcision tradition. If this is you, we hope you’ll take a short survey about your experiences and feelings.