Concierge Service

Let Us Guide You

Tell us a little about who you’re looking to connect with and our team will do their best to make it happen. Here are a few examples:

  • Wondering if an organization welcomes non-circumcising families but don’t see them listed in the Inclusion Directory? If it feels awkward for you to ask directly, we’ll be happy to reach out to learn their stance — without sharing your name.
  • Sometimes it can be helpful for parents and grandparents to connect with other non-circumcising families. We can put you in touch.
  • Doing academic research into emerging Jewish ritual, brit shalom, Jewish inclusion, or another topic related to Bruchim’s mission? Depending on your academic goals, we may be able to connect you with leading scholars who can help you on your educational journey.
  • Writing a book or news article? Directing a film? Hosting a YouTube channel, TV show, or podcast? If your topic involves Jews opting out of circumcision and you’re looking for sources of information, we can point you in the right direction.