Media Highlights

July 2022: Rethinking The Circumcision: With Gary Shteyngart & Max Buckler (Evolve Podcast)

February 2022: The Case For Welcoming Uncircumcised Jews From Rabbinic Sources (Evolve)

February 2022: Be Honest About the Bris: A Jewish Call for Greater Integrity (Evolve)

February 2022: Circumcision Doesn’t Make Someone Jewish (Times of Israel)

January 2022: Asking Questions About Circumcision: Is that Allowed? (Adrenaline Drash)

January 2022: Talking Through Taboos: A Gemara (Commentary) on Judaism Unbound Episode 303 – “Bris” means “Covenant,” not “Circumcision” (Judaism Unbound)

December 2021: Big News About Circumcision (J. The Jewish News of Northern California)

December 2021: Dan and Lex: Judaism Unbound Podcast Episode 306 – Circumcision — Ignorance and Bris (Judaism Unbound Podcast)

December 2021: Circumcision and Its Jewish Alternatives (Judaism Unbound Podcast)

December 2021: “Bris” Means “Covenant,” not “Circumcision” (Judaism Unbound Podcast)

November 2021: The Jewish Nomad: The Other Side of Getting Your Son Circumcised (The Canadian Jewish News)

October 2021: “These Jews want to normalize not circumcising and they want synagogues to help” (The Jewish Forward)

October 2021: “Phoenix member of Jewish group opposed to circumcision feels like part of secret club” (Jewish News)

October 2021: “Circumspect about circumcision” (Bonjour Chai — Podcast)

October 2021: “To cut or not to cut: the debate over circumcision is heating up” (The Canadian Jewish News)

October 2021: “In conversation with Bruchim” (Talkline with Zev Brenner — Podcast)

October 2021: “US Jewish group pushes to normalize non-circumcision” (i24 News)

October 2021: “We may be talking about Gary Shteyngart’s botched circumcision for a long time” (The Jewish News of Northern California)

October 2021: “No sharp objects please: American Jewish group fights for non-circumcision” (Sputnik International)