Help Us Build Welcoming Communities

Bruchim depends on the support from those who share our mission. Financial contributions are crucial to our success and sustainability, and we deeply appreciate your generosity. We encourage you to donate online. However, if you feel more comfortable sending a personal check, write to us at and we’ll arrange it.

Cheerful Welcome:                        $18 – $99

Gracious Welcome:                        $100 – $299

Warm Welcome:                              $300 – $499

Hearty Welcome:                            $500 – $1799

Red Carpet Welcome:                   $1800 and Up

About Your Donation

Bruchim Inc. is an Idaho nonprofit with approved IRS status as a 501(c)3. If your donation exceeds $250, per IRS rules we will provide you with a written acknowledgment.

Support Our Work

Please consider a recurring donation. This allows us to best plan for the future. Note: some users have reported problems with browsers other than Chrome. If you run into trouble, please consider switching browsers.

You can also scan this QR code with your phone to donate via your PayPal app.